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Over the course of my certification at Precision Nutrition I was obviously totally stoked about the methodical approach, new perspectives and the appearing opportunities to help our clients at Kraftwerk in better and more sustainable ways than before. That's what I sort of expected.  
What I didn't expect was the extend of impulses on my own way of living, my nutrition and eating habits and behaviors. Living with a nutrition specialist and being pretty keen on my shape for climbing myself should lead to a fairly good lifestyle, just by itself ...no?  
Well yes - in comparison to the average population, I would consider myself as fit. But, on the other hand I had to realize that some aspects where far from perfect, leading to suboptimal body composition, recovery time, training response and, as the most relevant fact, the constant subcutaneous feeling of underachieving and being unhappy with how my emotions govern my eating. The problem was that I wanted to much to quick, the urge to impress my ultra fit girlfriend didn't help and I did not really know how to adapt my behaviors and habits.
Luckily, I had the opportunity to learn the precision nutrition approach, dive into the mighty power of continuous, consistent and strategic steps and found my way. There are still challenges and there will always be some, but there is also a plan, a concept and a deep understanding of what is actually happening when my brain wants to tell me, that "I should eat as much as possible right now, because there will be a long, serious winter and we need to prepare hibernation... Who knows what tomorrow will bring". With the finish line crossed and my PN1 certificate in the pocket I decided to challenge myself. 
There are two concepts at PN that would define a very healthy way of living and eating. The one is called deep health, an idea of a lifestyle where all aspects of being fit and healthy are balanced and mastered. Don't worry, we will talk about that later and in every of our upcoming coachings.
The other one is simply a nutritional level, called Level 1. It's the level in which most of us should be, defined by 9 aspects. And if you master it to a high degree, you are:
a) on a veeeery good way, and b) you create a super solid base for achievements in sports, life, work for the next level  (Level 2 is a nutritional level for really extraordinary targets and achievements, a level where you optimize yourself for a certain time, until a goal is done).
The challenge that I defined for myself is, starting by the beginning of October:
- mastering all aspects of the nutritional Level 1
- living by the idea of deep health for three month, documenting it for myself and you
- performance tests for climbing
- photo documentary
- Tanita body composition test every two weeks

Plus sharing thoughts, troubleshooting, etc. here in a little diary.

I'm starting with a solid but not extraordinary fitness, being not happy about how I'm feeling, looking and how I'm climbing at the moment. I already had better shape this year, having actually one of my best bouldering seasons this summer. The last six weeks though where dominated by work, private responsibilities and too little sport for myself, so I definitely have an improvement potential.
Let's see, how the first weeks will roll. The stakes are high.
In the next diary entry I will make my starting status transparent for you, talking a bit deeper than 39 years, 92 kilos, trying to leave a performance plateau in my climbing since a couple of years, etc...
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