TRAINING & CORONA – Staying badass in times of Covid 19


Staying badass in times of Covid 19.

Moving in an unknown area, exposure to risks and uncertain outcome, isolation. These ingredients would have perfectly described a well dosed adventure somewhere in the mountains, on rock or in the wilderness.

Today we’re faced with a situation where the same ingredients take part. With three important differences: it’s not deliberate and it’s in real life and everybody is influenced.

It nearly seems a bit ignorant of the situation to think about climbing, sport or staying fit right now. But is it really so? Sport, done in an appropriate dose, is known to support physical health and especially our immune system. Sticking to a regime and routines is definitely good to stay balanced and mentally strong in these days. Eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle will definitely support us. We should just watch out for some parameters:

  • sort all necessary things for daily life first,
  • stay alone as much as possible, don’t train in gyms on machines or tools used by everyone, shower at home
  • go for activities that are possible at home
  • adapt the intensity and volume to a level that supports your health without weakening your immune system
  • eat and drink as healthy and immune supporting as possible
  • define goals for that time (yoga every day, a hangboard challenge or low carb and organic for two weeks)


A crisis can also be a chance, bringing the best out of us and a good possibility to do and enjoy things that we never have time otherwise. Read that book, improve that skill, cook that dish... !

We should face that given challenge not only as reflected, calm and disciplined human beings, but also as athletes and adventurers. We’re not scared of challenges, are we?

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